Yuma Sun - Rose

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This is the story of a man, which can't stand that his girl left him. Just seeing her with another person, especially a girl, makes him angry... and crazy, really crazy. This is the story of a man that can't stop his emotions and jealousy.

Director: Christian Schussler

Producer: Espen Olsen

CO-producer: Niklas Røseth

Key Cast:

Sunniva Byvard
Josefine Persson
Ivan D.Groven
Jaran Hereid
Bjørn Ognøy
Simon Kjelsvik
Andreas Dyraas
Espen Lund

Cinematographer: Espen Olsen

Editor: Christian Schussler

Gaffer: Daniel Berrum

1st AC: Niklas Røseth

Assistand Director: Synne Seltveit

Production designer: Meg Mills

Make-up artist: Susy Jægtvik Alexandersen

Colorist: Henrik Dyrkorn

Production Assistant: Thomas Olsen

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