Online Awards Nominees: March 2015

Month: March 2015
Total Submissions: 85
Accepted Films: 32

Announcing the Nominees for our March 2015 Online Short Film Awards.
Congratulations to all the filmmakers who made it.

Best Film

Best Director

Min-Yu Chen
- Butterfly hunter

Blair Richardson
First date

Jayden Cummins
- A True Reflection

Benjamin Sibioude
- The Man Who Loved Flowers

Cheong Chi-Wai
-Cup Noodle

Best Cinematography

Beyond Paradise -
Nishanth Varma

Verochka -
Il'ya Tyukhayev

Christian Moyes

The Send Off -
Carter Baker

Best Female Character

Comic Potential -
Irene Kelleher

Yeoh Sue Ann

Sleeping Death -
Mireia Vilapuig

Children At Crossroads -
Lindsay Navarro

Exposé -
Lynne Newton

Best Male Character

Fanette -

Exposé -
Frank Perry

Testimony -
David Knox-Williams

The Man Who Loved Flowers -
François Ezrati

In Return -

Best Story

A True Reflection
- Jayden Cummins

Verochka -
Margarita Timofeenko

Best Editor

At A Stop -

Best Original Background Score

Butterfly Hunter
Subrina Wu

Milk, No Sugar -
Ciprian Iacob

Manel Gil-Inglada

Phillip Blackford, Dimitris Maramis

Best Animated Short

Best Film Drama

Best Film Comedy

Best Poster Design

Best Music Video

Only One Nomination in this Category.

People's Choice Award

Will be decided on the basis of total number of views, likes and rating/review by the audience.

Read About Online Awards Categories Here.

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