Crumpled Blues

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This little musical story of the faith in a fairy tale. In the life of every girl there was the first love - a cyclist boy from the next door, courageous savior and protector. And woman at any age continues to dream about him - about her boy from the distant childhood... She believes that he will save her from life's complex problems...
A prostitute, driven to despair by nasty claims of a client, runs away from the bordel. A guardsman chases her through the streets. Exhausted, a woman and her pursuer pass a street-musician, who makes magic – he turns a metal statuette of a cyclist into a real one. The resurgent defends the woman. The offender is punished. So, happy and enamored, the prostitute and the cyclist holding the hands come along the street. But it’s just a dream. The reality turns to be unexpected and mundane. A bride had fallen asleep in a car before her wedding. Her fiance wakes her up and we recognize her offender from her odd pre-wedding dream.

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