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Bujhbe na se konodin |Musical Film | Trailer - Short of the Monthvideo

Bujhbe na se konodin | Musical Film – Trailer

A boy in a slum. He's alone. He faced many of problem day by day. But he is doing something for Survive in life. He make himself as a day laborer.
My Baby Shot Me Down - Short Film Trailer - Short of the Monthvideo

My Baby Shot Me Down – Trailer

A short film about 5 women and their insatiable desire for revenge as they kidnap 5 men for crimes of domestic violence (Shot on 35mm)
ROND ETT - Short Film TEASER - Short of the Monthvideo

Round One – Trailer

The film takes place when Tobias believes that his biggest desire is to play his first boxing match, but can he manage the pressure? When his best friends and his trainer let him down, the motivation disappears, where is his way out from his inner inferno?
Humor - Short Film Trailer - Short of the Monthvideo

Humor – Trailer

A deranged bear delivers the previously unknown tale of Humor Gredanko.

Squad Leader TD-73028 Soliloquy – Trailer

Star Wars meets Shakespeare in this timely nod to both the 40th celebration of Star Wars release and the recent 400th anniversary of the Bard’s death. Hamlet’s famous soliloquy is presented as the inner voice of a Stormtrooper, demonstrating the way Shakespeare’s language still echoes down to us through the centuries and remains as relevant today as ever---not to mention as well in a galaxy far, far away…
White Awake - Short Film Trailer - Short of the Monthvideo

White Awake – Trailer

A successful man and his therapist unravel the troubles of the present by awakening the memories of his past.
The Writer - Short Film Trailer - Short of the Monthvideo

The Writer – Trailer

An aspiring writer’s life is pushed into disarray when he loses his job. He has to overcome his depression in order to salvage his life, his goal and his relationship. But is it worth salvaging?

ROTARY – Trailer

In 1968, a young babysitter's evening is interrupted by strange and unsettling occurrences.

ANGLE, 角度 – Trailer

角度 ANGLE is set 20 years after the 4th war in mainland china, it is an origin story of a baby girl who has been made host to a demon seed in a procedure gone awry, thus leaving a dimensional gate open for these demons to travel. We pick up 19 years later as our baby girl is now a beautiful young college girl studying occult history, advanced physics and linguistics to try to find the truth of her origin. Accompanied by a protective mech companion who was built to hold and suppress the demon seed inside her that is trying to realize itself into this world.