Quality Guidelines

Before you submit your short film / music video / trailer we would like you to spend your precious few minutes to read this (I bet, this is useful)

Short of The Month team is a highly passionate team that encourages the spirit of filmmakers and their films. And we would do our best to pick the best short films amongst the lot, to promote, share, and spread it to film festivals and a lot more in fact. Yes, we are that passionate.
But few things we would like to share before you click that submit button:

  1. The core criteria which we use to select a short film is that a short film must be shot in (at least) 4k, should have DTS Surround sound, huge sets, a star-cast, some brilliant Visual effects and a lot, lot more.
    • The above point is not what we want (DON’T take point 1 seriously) and if you are seriously interested in submitting your short film please proceed to point 2.
  2. The core criterion which we use to select a short film solely depends on its story. Yes; we believe that films are made to tell interesting stories. Short films, on the other hand, have that power to tell that story in lesser duration compared to the big length films. So yes; we select films based on its story. The storytelling medium is something we further look into if we find the story interesting.
  3. Yes, we do charge for a premium or premium plus submission; but that doesn’t mean we will select your film. Your selection criterion remains the same as others. AN INTERESTING STORY!
    • And we won’t be able to re-fund that amount if we don’t find your story INTERESTING.
  4. Lastly, we request you to look back at your awesome short film; if you find your story worth telling it to others, then I am sure we will feel the same and then we will leave no chances to share your story with the world. And that’s a promise from this passionate team!



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