Online Short Film Festival Nominees: January 2016

Online Short Film Festival - Nominees - January 2016 - Short of the Month

Month: January 2016
Total Submissions: 80
Accepted Films: 32

Announcing the Nominees for our January 2016 Online Short Film Festival.
Congratulations to all the filmmakers.

Best Comedy

Best Director

Azul Pastel - Short Film - Director - Nina Chávez Góngora - Short of the Month
Monday - Short Film - Director - Alejandro Montoya Marin - Short of the Month

Nina Chávez Góngora - Azul Pastel

Jacob Kipping -  Will you be mime?

Alejandro Montoya Marin - Monday

Cloudstruck Drive - Short Film - Director - Milad Avaz - Short of the Month
Stream of Doubts - Short Film - Director -Joseph Catté - Short of the Month
Obscure - Short Film - Director - Fabrizio Fenech - Short of the Month

Milad Avaz - Cloudstruck Drive

Joseph Catté - Stream of Doubts

Fabrizio Fenech - Obscure

Best Female Character

Life On Mars

Hayley Louise Clark-  Will you be mime?

Jodi Carol Harrison - Life On Mars

Pauline Helly - Stream of Doubts

Julie Christiansen - Cloudstruck Drive

Best Male Character

Tom Stoker - Will you be mime?

Franco Lucchetti - Giulia's Place

Jaime H Jung - Monday

Harrison Bryan - Seamless Love

Henrik Prip - Cloudstruck Drive

Nicholas Jackman - Obscure

Best Music Video

Only one entry in this category and the film will be declared as the winner.

People's Choice Award

Will be decided on the basis of total number of views, likes and rating/review by the audience.

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