Round One - Trailer

The film takes place when Tobias believes that his biggest desire is to play his first boxing match,
but can he manage the pressure? When his best friends and his trainer let him down,
the motivation disappears, where is his way out from his inner inferno?

Director: Joakim Fries
Producer: Joakim Fries
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Oscar Sihlén
Editor: Joakim Fries
Original Background Score: Poddington Bear
Other Crew Members: Ola Gulde Poyntz
Axel Hasslow
Mimmi Bolander
Kajsa Bolander

Actor Name Role Played
Oscar Sihlén Tobias
Ola Gulde Poyntz Erik Nordin
Axel Hasslow Linus
Mimmi Bolander Filippa
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