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The gentrified area of Bermondsey, South London is rapidly changing, ‘Leathermarket’, a documentary short film, brings personal stories of local history to a new audience, using archive footage of London from the 1920s through to the 1960s. Members of the Leathermarket JMB Local History Group discuss memories of their streets of the past; from the last marriage in the bombed Trinity Church before they locked the doors to the public forever, to playing on the bomb-sites after the Second World War; focusing on the collective living memory of the community and their streets in Bermondsey.

“When you see history on the television, there is nothing about local history, it is all about history in full…” - John Butler, local history group member

“But to them it’s another world, another home, and they don’t know anything of what I have just told you about…” - Joyce Newman, local history group member

“…one of our most important activities is the sharing of valuable memories and experiences of Bermondsey’s past. Life was not always easy, especially during wartime. Bringing up families, the daily routine of the workplace, meeting with friends and neighbours, enjoying visits to local parks and the cinema all contributed to strengthen community ties.

At a time of rapid change and transformation, with so many people discovering our fascinating local history, our members offer a unique insight into a very different Bermondsey from the one we know today.” – Jennie Howells, local historian and member of the local history group

Directors: Jessica Bishopp

Producers: Jessica Bishopp

Sound Designer: Hannes Wannerberger

Camera Operator & Lighting: Patrick Hoelscher

Flycam Operator: Will Hazell

Editor: Jessica Bishopp

Additional Camera Footage: Jessica Bishopp

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