🔒 Waterfowl(ed)

Have you ever fed birds bread at the park or used lead sinkers during your weekend fishing trip? Well, you are inadvertently causing serious harm to the geese, ducks, herons, and swans in your area.

Waterfowl(ed) addresses how current household habits within our communities harm local wildlife, particularly waterfowl. While investigating local carelessness within waterfowl environments in Wilmington, North Carolina, the film focuses on the selfless efforts of bird rehabilitation organizations, SkyWatch Bird Rescue, Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, and Cape Fear Raptor Center.

Waterfowl(ed) aims to educate viewers on common issues such as the improper disposal of fishing equipment, lead poisoning, animal cruelty, pollution of retention ponds, and the disease, Angel Wing, in order to prevent future harm to waterfowl.
Director: Grace Combs
Producer: Grace Combs & Druscilla Lam
Sound Mixer: Druscilla Lam & Taylor O'Steen
Editor: Luqi Zhao
Director of Photography: Noah Campagna & Adam Fackelman

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