An Angry Man

A self-help tape leads the spineless Lars out on a road trip with his father. Their relationship has always been strained, and it does not get better as they are confronted with both strong women, a self-proclaimed guru and their repressed past along the way. The tape leads Lars astray, but how does one take the wheel on life's inscrutable roads when you're usually the one being run over?

Director: Jannik Dahl Pedersen
Producer: Annette Averhoff
Story & Screenplay By: Mie Skjoldemose Jakobsen & Jannik Dahl Pedersen
Cinematographer: Loui LadegaardEditor: Sebastian Gerdes
Original Background Score (Music Composer): Mathias Madsen Munch
Sound: Simon Reinke Oxholm

Actor Name Role Played
Sune Geertsen Lars
Henrik Larsen Poul
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