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Catherine’ is a film about a vampire living in the modern world. Catherine is a female vampire who struggles to balance the chores of daily life with her uncontrollable thirst. She is desperately trying to survive whilst also continuing to blend into her surroundings. The film is split into two separate time frames that represent a standard work day as well as the previous evening. On the work day we see her attempts to go unnoticed among her friends and colleagues, but whilst having memories of the night before, her hunger begins to impact on her more and more. It is then through seeing the previous evening that it begins to emerge that something is wrong with Catherine. This reaches a climactic moment where Catherine murders and feeds from another human. We are fed information about Catherine slowly over the film so that it is only at this critical moment that everything becomes clear. Following this event we are shown her drastic attempts to cover her tracks along with a more emotional side to the character, when Catherine’s loneliness is revealed.


Lyle Bushe
James Llewelyn


Tom Walton


Zenia Selby

Key Cast

Connie Byrne-Shore
Hamish Clayton
Zenia Selby


Julia Rabin
Serena Slack


Jon Edwards

Production Assistants

Freddie Best
Alex Eccles
Will Firth
Polly Broad

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