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#Confusion is a short movie by Yury Revich. If you are not perfect, and you know it... but then you meet someone who you think is a perfection for you. Or it might become…just a confusion?

Director: Yury Revich, Wen Liu and Yuko Ichikawa.
Screenplay: Yury Revich
Lead Actors: Lilian Naumann, Yury Revich, Valentina Babor, Julia Lowak.
Crew Members: Post production- Nastya Arsentyeva.
Camera- Wen Liu, Yuko Ichikawa.
Produced by Yury Revich.
Music played by Yury Revich and Valentina Babor from the CD "Russain Soul", Yury Revich and Alejandro Picó-Liónis, Yury Revich and Donka Angatschewa and Yury Revich and Olga Filippova

Thank you:

Aran Cafe Munich, Hochschule for Music Munich, Freia Unzicker for the painting, Valentina Babor and Valerie Leopold.

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