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A failure of a man that used to be an aspiring astronomer is taking a nap, wasting his time away. In the past, his room was adorned with great pictures of the universe, but now it is filled with cheap pinup. A television buzzes on, a documentary of the known galaxy plays. While he is asleep, his brain on the other hand, is watching the programming with great enthusiasm. The man wakes up, sees the boring programming, and changes the channel to something that he enjoys, Empty-V! Brian’s brain is hugely annoyed, and further attempts to try to get the man to do something productive. After the a brief struggle between the brain and the man, the brain’s favourite telescope was broken. Fed up, the brain pops out of the man’s head, leaving his head empty, and flies out to find something to satisfy himself. In the city of Toronto, he finds situations of fellow brains in similar situations, neglected and unused. The brain starts a revolution, and persuades all the brains to pop out of their human host’s head and follow him. The revolution spreads across the world as a huge mass of brains form in Toronto. The combined military generals of the world sees this, empty and brainless, they decide to nuke them with the Earth’s arsenal. In a final attempt of self-preservation, the mass of brains flies out of the city with nukes chasing after them, dodging and weaving until they leave the Earth. The nukes, missing the brains, falls back to the Earth, destroying it. The brain has finally been united with his love of space.

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