Flightless Ladybugs

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South Korea's extreme education system revolves around a single national college exam, Suneung, where parents often give their child a head start by preparing them as early as 2 years.

The story peeks into this issue through a confused student who routinely pours over Suneung exam papers. He one day encounters his 4 year old self and follows him to a core of his memory where he is reminded of his creativity that he lost for the sake of Suneung.

The theme is based around the idea where over educating can have this cruel effect of crushing creativity. In the story, the student realises he gave up what he was most passionate about having to adhere with the education system in Korea. Another sub theme toys with the idea of "simply giving things a go". Can he break free from Suneung's great looping turmoil? It reflects the symbolic Flightless Ladybug that the child never really tried to draw.

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