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A love story between Adam and Judie, remembering those beautiful times they had
on their trip to Italy.
A beautiful but complicated relationship which brings them to understand how
important it is to forgive, the only way to preserve love.
Written & Directed by Bruno Noaro
Produced by La Forêt Des Renards
with Adam Stainway & Judie Scott

Director: Bruno Noaro
Screenplay: Bruno Noaro
Cinematographer: Bruno Noaro
Editor: La Forêt Des Renards
Composer: Hammock // The Cinematic Orchestra
Lead Actors: Adam Stainway - Matteo Giglioli
Judie Scott - Anita Santi
Crew Members: editing: Bruno Noaro
styling: Anita Santi
still photography: Magda Kölner
assistant director: Matt Ridley
voiceover: Moni Demirov
locations: Venice, Milan, Como, Trieste (Italy)
music by The Cinematic Orchestra // Hammock

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