The Honest Truth

The Honest Truth is a documentary based on the Maria Catroppa story in which she suffered years of domestic abuse before being murdered by her abuser and stabbed 126 times.

John Banovich (Director, Producer, & Writer)
Alison Soroka (Executive Producer)
Joe Schweers (Post Supervisor)
Ken McNicol (Sebastiano Damin)
Debbie Powell (Maria Catroppa)
Corporal Drew Grainger (Himself)
Corporal Shaun Begg (Himself)
Jay Tuason (Herself)
Pina Osterman (Herself)
Corporal Derek Santosuosso (Himself)
Glenn Taylor & John Banovich (Cinematogrpahy)
Joshua Marcoux (Camera Assistant)
Riley Koenig (Composition)
Marzena Skowronski (Make-Up Artist)
Sherman Hu (Internet Strategist)
Chris Kielesinski (Graphic Artist)
Tanys Norcott (Producer's Assistant)
Jessica Leona (Production Assistant)
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