The main character of this story ‘RANA’ is a child from a poor family. His mother has Leprosy and father is missing, at this socio-economic the story has been written. Rana wants to play with all other boys of same age, but anyone don’t want to play with him as because of His social status.
In this story I want to visualize the audience the actual Social status of all Poor people like Rana.
Its also happens when any lost thing help to join up two friends.
Money makes more friend than a man does.

story: Saptarshi Sarkar & Rahul Nath
cinematography,editing,mixing,direction: Saptarshi Sarkar
light : Pravat Karmakar, Sumit Sarnakar
music: Indradeep Dasgupta and Debojoytee Mishra
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