Kallu - The Stone

Kallu… is a humorous take on married life. It is about a young man who finds a stone. He carries the stone with him wherever he goes. He marries and the stone latches itself to his wife. She now bears the weight of the stone. Model Lekshmi Pramod plays my wife. How the couple finally share the weight of the stone, forms the rest of the story. The movie is a silent film; everything is expressed through the use of expression and through appropriate use of music.”

A “metaphorical film”, Kallu… has a message in it.

“Divorce cases are rising by the dozen. Kallu… is on how marital life becomes easier when problems and tasks are shared equally between husband and wife.”

Crew Details

Screen Play,Direction : Firoz A Azeez
Cinematography : Mahadevan Thampi
Producers :Surjith Manakkal, Benny Chacko
Music and RR :Vinod Hariharan
Cuts : Thadiyan https://
Additional Programming :Briyan Philip
Associate Director : Sanju Ambadi
Chief Assistant Director : Bipin Kodalloor
Vocals :Anitha Shaiq, Vinod Hariharan
Assistant Directors : Satheesh G Nair, Anitha Shaiq
Media Contacts : Parvathy Premkrishnan
Design : Dennis Kaitharath
Stills :Raru Chempazhanthy, Nishanth Revathy
Production manager :Riju Salaam
Assistant Camera : Pradeep
Focus puller :Sebin
Assistant :Sanjeev

Cast - Firoz A Azeez, Lekshmi Pramod, Valathungal Balakrishna Pillah ,
Master Sunkudu, Baby Diya Firoz, Baby Daya Firoz, Anoop, Preetha

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