Last Day With Lizzy

Last Day With Lizzy tells the story of Mark, a troubled father who longs to rebuild a relationship with his distant daughter Elizabeth.   While spending one last day together, Mark slowly comes to terms with a devastating past and the realization that something is not quite right with his teenage daughter. 

Through powerful performances and a script that touches on loss, grief and the power of letting go,  this dramatic short film from first time writer/director, Matt Duhamel, is a must see for the family.     

Matt Duhamel

Matt Duhamel

Clinton Coltrin (Mark)
Amber Murdock (Lizzy)
Jill Adler (Cheryl)
Eric Bott (Hospital Orderly)

Director of Photography:  Bob Melanson
Cinematographer:  Chad Potts
1st Assistant Camera:  Ruben Arce
2nd Assistant Camera:  Mike "The Janitor" Millen
Production Sound Mixer: Alvero Aguayo
Hair/Makeup:  Tina Larsen
Production Assistants:  John Duhamel, Jon Wolf, Adele Breeden
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