The short story, “Ligeia,” by Edgar Allan Poe, suggests that not only is life sustainable through the power of one's will, but a strong will could bring someone back from the dead. In both the classic story and in this film, a writer obsesses over the memories of his dead wife and longs to “restore her to the pathway she had abandoned.” Though this adaptation takes place in the modern world, this film looks, sounds and feels as though it could have been made long ago.

Starring Mattew Donaldson, Amelia Belle and Tyler Wipfli.Written and Directed by Paul Kramer.
Produced by Matthew Donaldson and Amelia Belle.
Director of Photography, JJ La Britt.
Edited by Sam Dobbyn.
Original Music Score by Jeff Cortazzo.
Choreography by Shannon Mahoney.
Costumes by Carol Cramer.
Hair and Makeup by Selene Yebra.
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