Eventually we all are gonna die,the one who gave us the first breath will take it back for a better cause.Before it happens,Everyone will fall in love!!For at least once...no matter how awkward it is, it is the most wonderful feeling.There is no guilt in it...there exists only pure innocence...some times all it takes is a few minutes for finding that someone...the one you are searching for is just "MINUTES AWAY..."

Starring : Athul Amrutha Singh , Vijaitha Vijayakumar
Directed by : Hari
Story : Hari
Screenplay : Manu Ravi , Melwin C David
Cinematography : Rahul Raj
Cuts : Amal Ayyappan
Music : K Niran Kumar
Lyrics :Anju L John
Publicity Design : Palette Media (https://www.facebook.com/PaletteMediaa)
Post Production : EchoNmirror (https://www.facebook.com/echonmirror)
Title & VFX :Tito Varghese
SFX : Melwin C David
Assosiate Camera : Akshay Sol
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