Mom is a Superhero


Password: shortfilm

MOM IS A SUPERHERO is about the relationship between a daughter and her mother. The daughter looks up to her mom as a superhero and a mother always wants to be a superhero for her daughter. In this story, it becomes a difficult task. Reality is tough and hard for the mother as she daily denies people their rights because of the rules in her working position . The only thing she can do is twist the truth to her daughter.

Director & Writer: Michael Axelsson

Linda Bolstad
Marie Fuglestein

Key Cast:
Pia Halvorsen
Stine Litlekalsøy
Kim Bodnia


  1. Powerful story about a woman and a desperate man caught in the outrageous insanity of modern-day bureaucracy.

    Considering the similar real life tragedies I’ve read about, this film managed to really provoke outrage in me as a viewer. Not many short films manage to do this in just ten minutes. I truly felt it could happen in real life. The “black pen/blue pen”-moment is so crazy it HAS to be based on something that has happened in real life!

    Extra kudos to young Stine Litlekalsøy who holds her own in the company of the great Pia Halvorsen and Kim Bodnia!