My Home


Seven year old Alfred and Sridevi are classmates. In their drawing class, they are asked to make their own views about their ‘home’. Alfred, being talented, makes a wonderful drawing of his home. He is helping Sridevi who is sitting beside and struggling hard to make a sketch out of her sketch book. Later, Sridevi decides to buy a gift for Alfred—her dear friend who helped her to visualize her ‘dream Home’!  Sridevi’s gift and that moment of innocence they share, will be adding new colors to Alfred’s ‘home’..?  This is an appeal to the mankind to approach themselves to find what they care for…? A little moment to showcase how we were, before we entered the world of selfishness, before we could know there were competitions to live.


Direction & Cinematography : Prasanth Mohan
On-screen  : Fiza and Sankar
Production : T-Squares frames
Producers : Dr. Premsankar
Sudeesh Sudharman
Niranjan Das Sharma

Creative Directors:      Sruthin A.S.
Ajeesh Kakkarath

Background score :     Shinoop P.M.
Mervin Mathew

Chief Asso. Direction :  Unnimaya Prasad

Editor : Sudhy Sasidhar

Stills & Publicity Design : Hamid M.M.

Associate Director : Niby Thomas

Camera Grip : Chandrakanth Madhavan

Assistant Directors  :  Milind Siraj
Abhishek G.
Gowtham Nandakumar
Deepak Thomas

Assistant Camera : Aromal R.I.

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