The Offer

The Offer is a film about a woman seeking revenge. Judy's life has had its fair share of ups and downs until one day she catches her husband in bed with another woman and her life is turned inside out. Struggling with her inner demons she asks the one person she thinks she can trust to get rid of her cheating husband only to find out her husband has similar plans for her. 
Shot in Sydney, Australia 

Gordon Waddell

Gordon & Kyiha Waddell, Stefan Adamsson

  • Dean Kyrwood, 
  • Kate Ryerson 
  • Emily Sheehan 
  • Gideon Marshall 
  • Stella Do 
  • Matt Rudduck 

  • Executive Producer - Ashley McLeod 
  • Producer - Kyiha Waddell 
  • Producer - Kate Ryerson 
  • DOP - Ashleigh Carter 
  • Camera Assist - Michael Fairbairn 
  • Sound Recordist - Jason Dirckze 
  • 1st AD - Ben Pie Peart 
  • Make-up - Micheala Macrae 
  • Armourer - Gideon Marshall 
  • Location Managers - SACH Australia


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