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Eva has just learned the death of her estranged mother. She inherits the ashes and the task of scatering them falls to her. Not knowing what to do with them she tries to discover the past life of her estranged mother, to find some clues.
On her journey she is accompanied by Mona her neighbor who refuses the disparition of her husband.
Remains is a light drama about the way the absents continue to influence the lives of those they leave behind and is eventually about relief.

Directors: Jessica Laleye Lurel

Writers: Jessica Laleye Lurel

Producers: Maria Chiriac and Jessica Laleye Lurel

Key Cast:

Nika Mcguigan
Maggie Turner

Cinematographer: Christopher Thomas


Debjita Dhar
J.Alberto Cerrillo

Production Designer: Paula Oropeza

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