To Save One's Self

To Save One's Self Synopsis

"The comforts of home are sacred, sweet and beloved. Mark had all of that... a beautiful wife, an angelic daughter, a purpose. His role was simple: To provide and protect. There was just one problem. Mark never learned how to stand up for himself. He lacked self-confidence and avoided confrontation for his entire life. For the most part, his fears went unnoticed and he was able to cloak his nervousness, until the day that everything around him changed in the midst of a viral outbreak. Mark finds himself in the middle of a very dark and terrifying predicament and is left with only one choice. He can stand up and fight, or lay down and die."

Crew Details:

Tommy Douglas played our lead Mark. Meagan Buggey was our female lead, Laura.

Our IMDB for the film:

Our director of Photography was Peter Wilke (A-Team, 2012, Rise of the Planet of the Apes).

Our stunt co-ordinator was Leif Havdale (Arrow, The Twilight Saga, Whitehouse Down, Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica)

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