🔒 The Lilith Necklace

The Lilith Necklace - Short of the Month - Online Short Film Festival May 2016 - Featured

Film not yet available for public screening.

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A stranger hires a detective to find his ex-girlfriend. He claims to be searching for love, but what is he really after?
Shot on location in Madison, WI, The Lilith Necklace examines and subverts the ways noir typically treats women. The film couches modern gender politics in 40s hardboiled aesthetics, but doesn't lose sight of what's really important in a noir: mystery, sex, and death.

Director & Writer: Melanie Killingsworth
Producer: Mariah Staelens
Key Cast: Louisa Kornblatt
Brianna Baurichter
Caleb Zlomke
Matt Korda

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