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Eric is an innocent man that struggles everyday to make a living. Little does he know, that he is part of a plan. He is being watched from everywhere and by everyone. Unaware, he decides to hand his life over to drug dealing. Everything is given to him. He feels powerful, safe and confident. Until all the resources are taken away from him.
Every move he makes and every costumer he gets is part of the antagonist's plan to get revenge. An event that occurred two years ago; when Eric unknowingly impacted the antagonist's life forever.

Director: Daniel Sin
Screenplay By: Daniel Sin & Darian Blue
Lead Actors:
Walley Walkker - Eric,
Joe Chambrello - Andrew,
Yuval Bibi - Victor

Other Crew Members:
Luke Neumann - Music by,
Kenny Nowlan - Boom Operator,
Cullen Flynn - Written by

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