Below The Surface - Review

When moments and memories last forever, you’d only wish for more. Below the surface will truly touch your heart.

Laughter and merry fills the summer air. Memories swipe through a grieve-stricken elder sister as she narrates her story below the surface. Going down the memory lane she encounters countless memories with her sister before the tragedy befalls. Moments she would love to pause, replay and relive. With a promise to keep she pushes herself out from the depths of guilt.

Below the Surface - Review - Short of the Month

The film really warms ones soul. Directors Neema Sadeghi and Rona Ahdout have definitely captured the warmth, tenderness and love between the two sisters. Screen play and editing I would say – sheer brilliance. The sounds were captivating. They were subtle yet powerful. A simple story with a solid message. Actors’ Casi Kurzeja and Joelle Kurzeja. (Pause). What an outstanding performance. It’s not common when actors reach out from the screen and connect with the viewer, but they did it!

A delightful performance with an emotional ache. Go watch this beautiful film fellas!

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