Betrayal - Review

Director Jerome Wang must be saluted for picking out such a genuine concept for his film. Through his film he attempts to shed light on the homosexuality front. BETRAYAL features the story of two gay men who were lovers at some point of their lives. After being separated they meet again and the sparks fly. They talk about how their lives are, how much they miss each other, how often they remember each other. But there is a conflict that binds them together, in the sense that, it can either destroy what they have or even bring them together forever.

Betrayal - Review - Short of the Month

The actors have done a decent job. Their acting is in sync with the script. Musical element is brilliant and mingles well with the setting. Camera work is simple, yet elegant. The only flaw was the quality of sound. Music over compressed and the dialogues turn out to be unclear. And also, in a few places the background music overpowers the dialogues.

Wang had chosen a really powerful concept which conveys an even stronger message. His intelligent direction really does the trick!

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