Cadence - Review

The movie starts off at a slow pace, lacking luster, where we find cadence calling out her boyfriend, Taylor Locke, for breakfast. Her tender, loving relationship with her boyfriend is depicted well enough. The plot takes a twist with the introduction of two chaotic, drunk boys – KC & JJ. The sweet, romantic atmosphere turns into a chaotic one as the guys tease and play pranks on one another. Overall, they bond well, but cadence seems to have an aversion to the boys. She is upset by the teasing and the pranks. During a bonfire, we first get a brief glimpse of her traumatized past where she sees a small girl staring at her. She is afraid and unsure of what she saw. Slowly, as other incidents unfurl, we get tids and bits of her horrifying past and the plot complicates as her long-forgotten past comes back to haunt her.

Cadence – ReviewMaxine Chadburn as Cadence has delivered an incredible performance as a girl haunted by her past and terrorized by her present. She portrays her relationship with Taylor perfectly. She fits the framework of cadence easily and entirely. Charlie Kerr as Taylor Lake, a caring boyfriend could have been better. David Kaye and Tony Giroux, as the two obnoxious friends are worth watching. They are loud, irritating and brazen. They really bring out the characters at a whole new level of annoyance.

The direction by Alexander Lasheras is good, becoming a bit crude at times. The soundtrack is amazingly appealing, giving the perfect shades to the different situations. Love, suspense, horror – brought out marvelously by the heartwarming music. The film has some mesmerizing cinematography and camera-work that finds beauty even in the barren landscapes.

Overall, this short trailer makes us ready for the whole movie without really revealing the plot. Expect to watch this movie for its amazing cinematography and music.

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