Chinatown - Review

This short documentary aims at capturing the lives of Asian people in the various corners of New York. A camera and an eye to look at the most insignificant things in an interesting way – that’s what makes this video enjoyable. We amaze at the small everyday things that were brought forward vibrantly in this video.

The video starts off with a scene at the busy marketplace – shopkeepers and customers interacting, stacking up their supplies. Later the focus shifts to the people and children playing and having fun on a bright regular day. Bright days and children laughing – a brilliant portrayal of liveliness. Chinatown - Short Film - Reciew - Short of the Month (2)

The Chinatown is a part of New York inhabited by Asian people, especially the Chinese. This is the center of their lives. Menial jobs are what that keeps them standing. The portrayal of their struggle is done quite well.

The video ends off at a dark edge giving us a glimpse into the gloominess of their existence and struggle.

Chinatown - Short Film - Reciew - Short of the Month (1)The pace of the video is brisk enough to keep us interested, although sometimes it becomes a tad boring depicting the monotony of regular life. But that can be easily overlooked.

The direction is surprisingly good. An awesome eye for details gives this documentary a very rare spark. The cinematography is equally awesome, demanding praise. The music is appropriate – soothing, dark and gloomy wherever needed.

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