Dirty Bill Of Health – Review

“Dirty Bill of Health” refreshes my memory and reminds me of all those crime-drama TV shows I watch so intently without batting my eyelids, let alone take my eyes off the screen.

The film starts on a bunch of events: a TV reporter speaking of a serial killer on the loose, a stranger with a hidden agenda on a random impromptu medical check-up, a friendly doctor-patient conversation…

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The first half is all thrills and chills. It kept me thinking that something might happen any second now, shooting an adrenaline rush through me. But as the second half of the film unfolded, it just left me staring at my laptop’s screen trying to process what had just happened??

Even though I found the story line a bit disappointing, this film has a lot of other plus points that really need to be praised.
James Tyce plays the twisted, yet seemingly normal doctor. Jeez! This guy gave me the chills!
Casey Manderson is presented with a cute guy-next-door look.

Short of the Month Short Film Review
Both these leads are fantastic actors who portray their respective roles brilliantly. Cheers to that!
There is not enough musical element in the film as it gets overpowered by the doctor-patient conversations. But all in all the bits of music here and there does the trick.

Written and directed by Rob Carpenter, it is a good, thrilling movie with a somewhat promising story line.
Wickedly written and full marks to direction!

Last but not the least; the camera work is really smooth as it makes you tip-toe effortlessly from one sequence to another.

It is definitely worth a good watch!!

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