For Sarah's Love - Review

Love can move mountains and this 10 year old will really move mountains For Sarah Love. A short film which captures the love that is blossomed from innocence.

Things seemed to connect in Jeans mind that fuelled his enthusiasm. Little Jean-Christophe just learned that Jesus was a Jew. With David’s guidance and regular classes, Jean is set to learn everything about the Jewish religion. Why does he do all this? His love for Sarah, who is a Jew. On his path to lean a completely new religion he becomes aware of the intricate threads of faith and practice. Jumping over the puddles Jean finally has the company of Sarah at David’s party.

For Sarah's Love - Review - Short of the Month

The film has a beautiful concept. It showcases love at its most naive stage. It is a pleasant jumble of faith and love. The shots are fresh and crisp, the lighting is just apt giving it a nice summery look. Director Frédéric Kofman has clearly conceptualised well but, due to the lengthy narrative boredom did strike eventually. A shorter version without the unnecessary details would have been perfect. The screenplay is good at the same time sounds filled the gaps well. Lead actors Camille Loubens,  Ruben Dahan played their parts admirably. Great talent stacked in them!

A wonderful concept that would touch your heart. Great for a one time watch.

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