F/RNO - Review

The philosophies behind love have been defined and redefined over the years. “LOVE IS WICKED” is one of them. All this being said and done let us shift our attention to this film. The inspiration behind the story is Artemisia Gentileschi, who was an Italian painter. There is no story as such to capture your focus and keep you engaged till the end.

Rachel Anctil Poirier plays the lead and narrates her story to the audiences. Her acting and narration brings a teensy bit of liveliness to the film. She puts forth her excruciating journey with love. How she has fallen in love over and over again. What she loves about her life the most....

FRNO - Short Film Review - Short of the Month

David Latreille is the writer, editor and director; he puts together a film with the perfect blend of acting, direction, music and cinematography. These elements have earned the film a ‘thumbs-up’. The camera work is the best thing about this film. Even though the actress doesn’t have dialogues, the camera captures her expressions so nicely. The close-up shots are simply a beauty. Musical element does justice to the scenes.

Do not try to wrap your head around the significance of “F/RNO” or why the director must’ve chosen such a story.

Just relax and enjoy the film without using your brains much!

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