Interim - Review

The interim is a short film depicting the aftermath of death. The film definitely plays with your head with a lot of uncertainty.

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What happens after death? A question we all ponder upon once in a while. Are our sins washed away from us or do we have to confront them? Erase the past or go insane with the weight of the “long ago”. Struck between heaven and hell this is the condition of the man, somewhere which is more like a prison. A prison inside your head and you can’t find a way out. A sense of uncertainty going through you like a wave and hitting you hard.

INTERIM Short Film Review - Short of the Month (2)

Director Justus page has tried to bring out the idea into his films but has left many loose ends untied. It was a tough nut to crack making it little hard comprehend as the shots were pretty off tangent. The dialogues were unclear, sound editing could have been much better if a balance was brought about in the background sounds and the dialogues. The lead actors Justus page and Alyssa have done a reasonably good job! It's surprising that the director himself is the lead actor, commendable!

The film has a great idea and definitely a onetime watch!

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