I’ve Just Had a Dream - Review

Two little girls have just had a dream each. For one it feels like a blessing. For the other, it is a horrible nightmare. Compelling, pristine and effortless. These words can best explain the mood of the film.

Director Javi Navarro has cautiously planned every step of this story and efficiently executes it within 8 minutes. Loved how each scene is  planned and every emotion is conveyed just through narration and no dialogues.

I've just had a dream - Short Film Review - Short of the Month

The story itself is sufficient to keep audience attentive. The simplicity enveloping the story line creates moments that are so moving and heartfelt. It leaves a sad smile on your face.

Andrea Mas Mena (Amina) and Estela Del Carmen (Irena) really pull it off with their acting. Though they portray 8 year-olds, seeing them act so flawlessly leaves you speechless. These little girls deserve your claps!

The film is packed with music. It adds colour to the story in terms of emotion.
Cinematography is the highlight of the film. It captures the acting and all the scenes so well. It almost seems as if the audience is witnessing each moment live.

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