Just Ask - Review

'Just Ask' is like any other ordinary love story where boy meets girl and the sparks fly.

Tim is shown as a guy who apparently has a crush on every other girl he bumps into, while Kelly is someone who likes to go with the flow. However, fate has its plans for them.

Paul Robert Lingas has delivered yet another well thought out story. His effortless direction portrays this love story in a very unique way. His out-of-the-box thinking contributes massively.

Just Ask - Short Film - Review - Short of the Month (2)

Jandra Dee and Evan Arthur, who play the leads share superb on-screen chemistry which makes the story more realistic, the script is both crisp and catchy, blended with impeccable humor.

Any film is incomplete with the sound of musical notes echoing in your ears, making you feel connected to the scenes. The music tracks have been kept simple, yet so soulful; it perfectly fits the situations.

The camera works really binds the viewer’s attention. The jump from one scene to the next does not seem quick and clumsy at all. Everything goes in a smooth-buttery flow. Those scenes where Tim and Kelly bump into each other time and again are just too beautiful. The wide-shots and close-up shots reveal the tension between the two protagonists very well.

Just Ask - Short Film - Review - Short of the Month

Overall, a neat, adorable and engaging story line that keeps a smile plastered to your face through the entire film.

If you are a romance buff, you’d want to watch this film more than once!

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