Keep Moving (Trailer) - Review

keep-walking-short-film-review-short-of-the-month-reviewDirector: Burton Bowen
Screenplay By: Burton Bowen
Lead Actors: Peter York
Tam Solo: 1st AD
Steve Dineur - Cinematography
Thomas Bloom - Sound
Olly Miller - Music
Kevin Bowen - Executive Producer
Marlene Landu - Casting

On watching the trailer of Keep Moving I was not much convinced. Though the music was catchy and few shots did keep me glued with some expectations. But those minute expectations weren’t fulfilled and that’s where I said; on watching the trailer, I was not much convinced.

The one line outline of the film did incite me to watch the film; A man travelling alone to find peace out of the Apocalypse with a few obstacles on his way.

Keep Walking Short Film ReviewBurton Bowen’s direction seems to be promising; the way the trailer has been made was a little different or I would say unique but that’s the catchy part of it.

Peter York’s acting is also something I am looking forward to; hoping for some brilliant performance.

Steve Dineur’s camera work was beautiful. The long shot towards the end was something which I personally really liked.

Overall- I am looking forward to the film in spite of trailer not being able to convince me to my fullest, but few things still provokes me to watch the film.

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