Lapsus - Review

Stop everything that you are doing and watch Lapsus before you get a memory lapse. (I know that doesn't make sense but, watch the film you'll know what I'm talking about)

Lapsus - Review - Short of the Month

Well it is our first reaction, is this guy Terry, crazy? Seems like it. The whole plot is twisted and turned to just get your adrenaline rushing. (Kind of reminds me of pulp fiction). A plot within a plot. Tastefully done. Terry probably has a problem of memory lapse. Every time he reads his comic book he becomes an actor and the laundry his stage. He enacts out the book with different people and different scenarios, killing each of the victims without mercy. The metaphors in the dialogues didn't go unnoticed. The bug seemed to catch my interest though, wonder what was that all about!


Exceptionally well directed film I've seen in a while! Director Karim Ouaret has done a splendid job. Thirty minutes just flew by, the coke was fizzed out, the popcorn cold just because the film is too engrossing. Great cinematography. Something different from the usual. Lightings, visually enhanced the film. The sound editing was great too! Another great thing about the film? The actors! Arben Bajraktaraj, Sophie Meister, Fabrice Scott, Niels Dubost, Hyggins Sansa, Noémie Merlant, James Gerard !Brilliant performance.

I just have two words – must watch.

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