The Last Glow - Review

The last glow a seventeen minute film that conveys its message Bang on! You would be like -There was message? Well it did not strike me right away or the message might just be my mind wandering off another tangent when I think of the film. To find out, read on.

Eva (Nicoletta Mattioli) wakes up with a jerk. Her dream had turned into a nightmare. Now, GOD (global oxygen distributor) is a company that is very strict about its payment-service protocol. Before I go further Eva and her son Aaron (Leonardo Frontoni) live on the moon. (That would blow that cloud away). Eva’s GOD card is empty and the emotion devoid superintended wouldn't give them a time extension. Eva’s husband is out for work trying to make credits for the GOD card- the screen is blaring the final countdown- Eva puts her son into long slumber and breathes her last when the timer reaches zero.

The Last Glow - Review - Short of the Month - 1

The film begins with a scene at the beach. Eva breathes in the fresh air and her son is flying the kite. “It is the air that keeps it going.” The very same air which we take for granted, Eva payed its price with her life. A world where we would have to pay for the air we breathe in so freely. Thought provoking.

The Last Glow - Review - Short of the Month - 2

An engrossing film, directors Armando Basso, Fabio Salvati have done a fantastic job. A sprinkle of precise shots , peppered with a great screenplay and a dash of visual effects. The music, the sounds, the actors, the scenes were in so much sync. The actors I must say are immensely talented. Everyone from the superintendent (Roberto Santi) to the telephone attendant (Giulia Del Giudice) to the two main leads (Nicoletta nadLleonardo) played their part just right! (Applause). Cinematography and film editing was exceptional. Just the pills that fell down the shaft seemed larger than life.

On a whole, The Last Glow is a thought provoking film which is executed with sheer brilliance!



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