Little Talks - Review

Little Talks starts the way most love stories do: a happy couple, their compromising lives, meagre jobs and financial crisis. But amidst all this going on they never forget to find solace in each other and in the love that binds them together.

Galya and Petyo’s story speaks the same exact words.

Petyo works overtime to pay off the debts and Galya takes up a job as a translator. After this point her life goes helter-skelter. To know what happens, you must watch this movie.

Little Talk - Short Film Review - Short of the Month

The story is vague in some parts initially, but later on all the puzzles fit perfectly.

Gergana Pletnyova and Lazar Kirilov play the leads. Excellent performances!

The film is devoid of musical elements. But this does not come across as awkward. There is plentiful of dialogues and background sounds to cover up for the music.

Director and scriptwriter, Yassen Genadiv incorporates intrigue into this regular day-to-day life story. This gets the audiences’ rapt attention. All the dots get connected as the story proceeds, building the anticipation at the same time.

The editing has been delivered by Yassen Genadiv. It is crisp.

Camera work deserves applause. It is simply ingenious.

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