Moses Review

When an addiction smacks you on the face without you even realizing it and moving forward with the same! Moses a 5 minute films shows just that!

Why is the film named moses? The plot twirls around jimmy, his missing cat moses and his empty pack of heroine. He found the main door open and felt a pang of remorse for his missing cat. But all jimmy did further was score another packet of heroine to get back to his sedated self.

Moses_Review_Short of the Month

Director Mike Biondo definitely knows how to narrate a story even in a short span of time. The lone toothbrush, the broken iPhone, the finer details did bring out jimmy character is subtle yet powerful ways. Great cinematography! A monotone used to describe a monotonous life. Loving the pun. The sounds were great. Actor William Peddle played his part to absolute perfection.

A great film with a sophisticated screenplay and direction. A definite treat for a 5 minute film!

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