Redemption - Review

Redemption – the act of delivering from sin, but is this path to redemption an easy one? Its a journey that can change people.

Like any other day, a man passes through the tunnel when the car ahead meets with an accident. He doesn’t try to help but his consciousness is on a spin. The woman in red a fragment of his imagination was a constant nag to his consciousness, with great effort he tries to leave behind the sins of the past but it seem to come back to him.

Redemption - Review - Short of the Month - 1

Director Alessandro Della Villa and Alessandro Moscatt have shot the film well, it was smooth and the shots were in perfect sync with the sounds. The lighting was just right for the film. But I cannot say it’s completely flawless. For instance, if the man was travelling from work to go back home through the tunnel, how does Arianna reach same end when they started from home? Few loose ends but nevertheless a nice watch as the actors did a brilliant job. Eva Rossini, Gabriele Tiziani, Veronica Rivolta , watching them perform was a delight.

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