Rumble - Review

Fast, action packed eighteen minute film. There wouldn’t be a moment you lift your eyes off the screen. Grab your popcorn be ready for a bumpy ride!

In their fast life of theft and gunfire, little victories make celebration a must. But Arnold loses his cool with a drug dealer and shoots him. Avenging his girlfriend’s murder, Arnold goes head on against Santiago who threatened to kill him. Hallucinating of his girlfriend, memories replayed in his brain. He then realised that he had killed her when he found her cheating on him. His drug reeled mind had wiped that memory slate clean.

Rumble - Review - Short of the Month

Director Steven Renso as skilfully got his viewers latched on to the screen. Screenplay and editing was marvellous. By just jumbling the story the suspense survived till the very end of the plot. The sound editing was bit of a turn off even though the music was just right. The music was fast peppy and catchy but with abrupt full stops just made the film very jerky. Actors Francesco Corcioni, Andrea Gruberio, Ilaria Turra, Anthony Raymond Javier played their action rolls with swag. Special mention to the main leads!

For all those who love that adrenal rush it’s a must watch!

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