The Sheriff - Review

Expecting a hardcore, action film looking at the title? Boy, you are in for a surprise!

Anthony (Tim Kurylowicz ) wakes up into a world weaved by his imagination. (Prologue: He had too much alcohol at a wedding. Basically, he is off cold!) An unknown sheriff (Thomas Papathanassiou) helps him open the right door to face his demons. Anthony had known a girl Jane for 20 years, he loved her. His desultory friendship made her marry another man. Seeing her at her wedding , Anthony went on a alcohol spree. With nine minutes to live, his mind was at war. His demeanor at the wedding and towards Jane was unacceptable to him. He wants to be at peace with himself.

The Sheriff - Review - Short of the Month - 2

“The sheriff “is an apt name for the film. Personified. At times of conflict, a sheriff sorts matters out. Well director/ camera/ writer (John Riddell) - <insert> many adjectives of appreciation </insert> what a beautifully conceptualized film! The three phases were evenly composed which brings out the lightness to such a heavy topic. The blurred edges did give that mysterious dream like feel to the film. The music was just so peppy! Loved how the colors and music was experimented in the film. Tim Kurylowicz and Thomas Papathanassiou played their parts just so well. I felt the connect, they are loaded with some serious talent!


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