STALINGRAD is one of the best actions short films 'Short of the Month' has it in its library. It’s reckless, stylish with a twist towards the end.

A contract killer is asked to kill the victim. All is going well until… the victim unexpectedly turns into a hunter. What happens next is something for which you’ll have to watch this short.

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Arseny Syuhin’s screenplay is catchy. He starts off the story slowly showing the victim and the contract killer’s conversation. But later he kicks-off when the victim starts hunting for the killers.

STALINGRAD - Russian Short_Film - Review - Short of the Month

Vladimir Titov’s act is awesome. Not only the victim, but the audiences will feel sympathy for him in the first half of the movie. But the later part, he turns out to be equally energetic. His looks, stylisation and the action are all sheer class!

Sergei Gorbunov act again is convincing. He does create a scary impression of his in the 1st half of the movie. Later, obviously as things don’t turn out be as they were planned, Sergei does full justice to that part as well.

Others also lend a marvelous support.

STALINGRAD - Russian Short_Film - Review - Short of the Month

Arseny Syuhin’s direction is pure genius work. He balances the movie in the right way. The whole approach towards the shoot-out scenes is done brilliantly giving it an awesome look and feel. Arseny Syuhin deserves full marks for his brilliant direction.

Short of The Month review team really liked the editing and cinematography of STALINGRAD and hence it was nominated for our monthly award (August-September 2014) under best cinematography and best editing category section, hats-off for its edgy editing and extraordinary camera work. We really liked the way shoot-out scenes were treated and edited, something worth an appreciation.

STALINGRAD - Russian Short_Film - Review - Short of the Month

On a whole, STALINGRAD is, as told above, one action short which Short of the Month team is proud to have it in their library.

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