Sugarhiccup - Review

Zoe and Marie are happily engaged and for them love is in the air. But Zoe’s insecurities towards Marie’s friendship with Jesse gets the better of her. Not able to come up with a rational solution, Zoe disappears on Marie, leaving a sticky note behind saying “I need space”. Actually she leaves two sticky notes, but the other one falls on the floor and goes unnoticed by Marie. After reading the note, all hell breaks loose and Marie starts to obsess over the meaning behind Zoe’s message. Being a journalist, her instincts kick in and she (Marie) takes help from social networking sites hoping it might hint why Zoe might have opted for such a drastic step or where she might be, by deciphering the meaning behind all of Zoe’s recent texts and tweets. This decision does nothing but adds fuel to Marie’s obsession, making her imagine the worst possibilities as to why Zoe must have really left.

Sugarhiccup - Review - Short of the Month

The message conveyed through the film holds immense importance as it depicts what really happens in this generation where every other person is a ‘tech savvy’. Despite being considered ‘cool’ for socializing through FACEBOOK and other such apps, we all become victims if and when we misinterpret the simplest of text messages or try to dig out the ‘hidden’ meaning behind them.

Sugarhiccup - Review - Short of the Month - 1

The inspiration behind this film is taken from Director Lisa Donato’s personal life. Lisa has served us a juicy and humorous film. Acting, music and cinematography all go hand in hand. The actors have done a terrific job. Their acting boosts the already fantastic script. Background music is in sync with the scenes. Camera work is smooth and hopscotch’s from one scene to the other with ease. The storytelling is engaging and very much realistic.

After watching the film some of you might be like, “Oh man! Been there, done that!”

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