Thanks - Review

Packed with a clever twist of comedy and a bucket full of lively action, this 12 minute short film is a guaranteed entertainment. “Thanks” a film by Tom Patterson is a little less ordinary.

Tinkling of bells -> girl enters the shop -> shoots questions at Dylan (played by Dylan Thanks -Short Film Review - Short of the MonthDawson, also the store keeper) -> Dylan learns the girl, Mary, is far away from home, in a random store, in Queens New York. Her mother is nowhere in the vicinity. The film begins at a slow place and suddenly accelerates with its bizarre situations. A stack of cash and the offbeat behavior of the girl get you thinking- “what’s going on in here?” With flying tantrums she dissuaded Dylan from calling the police. He was compelled to take her with him back to the apartment. In a sudden blur of evens the girl electrocutes herself at a restaurant with a stun gun that she had pocketed. (At this very point- “whaaaaat!” was my reaction.) Next morning the mother comes back for her child. Dylan felt a kick in his stomach when he learned that he (spoiler alert!) was the father of the child. The unexpected turn of events is definitely mind boggling.

The film needs an applause as it was shot in just one day. Director Tim Patterson couldn’t have done a better job in delivering the shots. Liquid smooth transition from one scene to another, editing was crisp.  The screen grabs your full attention with its vivid sounds and high definition clarity. The film does get tottery in the middle where you begin to speculate. But the confusion in momentary.Thanks -Short Film Review - Short of the Month

Lead Actors: Dylan Dawson - Dylan, Jett Uhlig - Mary, Erica Tachoir - Annabelle,
Hannah Kloepfer - Ellie, Tom Patterson - Dealer, what a commendable performance! A lot was said and understood without dialogues, just mere expressions. A slight tinge of scepticism when it comes to sound editing. The scenes in the beginning had an unsettling feel to it due to the unnatural absence of background sound. Emphasis to the dialogues could have been done in a better way. Other than this it was a wonderful film that definitely gets you cracking up from all sides by the end of it.

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