The Joneses - Review

A film where you know the end at the start, a climax that builds up from the very beginning. Read on.

Two couples had the best of everything. They were popular in their society, always had people around at home. But the tables turn when their new neighbours shifted in. They seemed nice. Way too nice. The Joneses seemed to have lost their touch. No barbecue parties, no scrabble and to top it all, no best couple prize. It looked like they would go to any lengths to win back what they lost… (Think extreme)

THE JONESES - Short Film Review - Short of the Month

Director Alejandro Montoya as usual can mesmerize the audience with his direction. Brilliant shots, the crispness just cannot miss one’s eyes. The screenplay was like a smooth melody. The story needed a better foundation. Music really sets the mood for the film. Actors Matt Page & Kristen Rakes have delivered their best throughout the film. They brought out the essence of the crazy / perfect couple just right!

A great film to watch and have fun. If you are too nice, watch your back in the neighbourhood.

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